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STRETCHES ITS ARMS TOWARDS PERFECTION TO SERVE Textile, Paper, Tea, Tyre, Rubber and any Process Industry.
    Hitec Systems is one of the leading manufacturers and Exporters of Control Transformers, AC Line Chokes, Line/ Load & Harmonic Reactors, Control Panels, Turnkey Automation Solutions for Process Industries, Soft Starter Panels, Online Weighing Automation.

Our industry is entirely different from other panel builders.
High Quality - Strictly we adhere
Implementing - Understanding the customer requirement and implementing
Technology     - Product technically acceptable
Employees      - Collective effort is our core strength
Co-ordination - With latest trends in technology and the application with the customer

For a perfect Electrical solution : Quality is being compromised for the sake control electrical power effectively is the need of the hour. Manufacturers of LT switchgear control panels have cost reduction. It is commonly believed that electrical control systems can be made by anyone without having proper technical knowledge and it is rated cheaply as a sheet metal fabrication work.

But now the scene is changed as quality awareness of both the supplier and customer ends is pushing the panel building industry towards perfection. More than fifteen years experience in LT switchgear control panel designing and manufacturing in India and also in Gulf countries our organization always stands ahead of all the other panel builders.
We are recognized as quality oriented technocrats not only for our experience but also for our close association with the reputed companies for more than a decade.

Our Control Panels, Control Transformers, Reactor Chokes, PLC Automation Systems are very effective performing till date both inbound and outbound. Our Manufacturing Product are being exported to Sri Lanka, Nairobi, Nigeria, New Zealand, Brazil and other South African countries.

    In recent years awareness of power factor correction is initiated in all industries to avoid penalty and to increase efficiency and lifetime of the electrical drives and components. Our engineers are the first to develop the Automatic power factor correction control panel in Coimbatore.

Based on the requirements of any industries like Textile, Paper, Rubber, Tyre and Tea, We design and manufacture:

 Medium voltage change over panels - up to 3200A  Sub switch boards 250/315/400/630/800A  Motor control centers  Fuse Distribution Boards - 32/63A (4/6/8/12 Way)
 Lighting Distribution Boards  Lighting Sub switch Boards - 63/125/250A  Starters for all Motors - up to 500 HP  Control panel for machines
Smooth starters with reactor chokes - up to 500 HP
Automation control systems PLC automation panels PLC with inverter automation panels
Automation Control panel – for special purpose machines Auto/Manual panel for continuous processing machine Automatic power factor correction panels for LT, HT and Wind Mills Auto mains failure panel – Domestic and Industrial type-up to 1200 A
Control transformers - from 25 VA to 25 kVA, single phase and three phase Reactor chokes for smooth starting of motors with heavy starting current from -10 HP to 500 HP. AC line filters for all types of VFDs Single phase 0.25 HP to 3 HP three phase up to 25 HP. Filter circuit chokes for reactive current compensation system (For capacitor banks) with choking factor - 7 % & resonant frequency - 189 Hz.

We also developed and manufactured a very new machine for tea stalk separation for an orthodox tea factory, which is proven, for its effective stalk separation. This is the first one to be developed and manufactured in India.