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Product - Online Weigh Feeders

Online Weigh Feeders


Process Measurement and Weighing are considered very essential and their data is found to be crucial in continuous process oriented Industries. These parameters always play a lead role in determining the overall performance, Quality, Cost reduction and overall growth of the Industry.
Manual measurements of weights, counts and maintaining manual registers often err and they consume more time and precious manpower. To provide a cost and time effective solution in Industrial Process Measurements the On line Weighing Automation Systems are designed and developed to suit specific requirements.


The latest State of the Art Technology is implemented in designing the complete Weighing System. Online weigh feeders offer reliable measurement and control of material feed rates for a wide range of applications. Being Custom made to suit applications the On Line Weigh Feeder can be well suited for weight measurement and control of feed flow of
Soya Been, Coffee seeds / powder, Tea Leaf [withered / fresh tea leaf], Produced Tea of all grades, Flour, all types of granules, rice, wheat etc.Wood Chips and all other agro based products.

HITEC - Online Weigh feeders are available in low, medium and high-capacity models with a variety of belt widths, inlet configurations and construction materials.
Options include open, enclosed, food-approved, and stainless steel constructions and more. Custom designs are available for difficult-to-control materials or for discharging from mass flow bins.

  • Specially designed for high accuracy on light or heavy loading processes
  • Our design eliminates material build-up to ensure accurate, reliable measurement.
  • Specially designed idlers interlinked directly to a corrosion-resistant-hermetically enclosed load cell module
  • Corrugated side wall profile belts with or without cleats that conforms with food regulations
  • High sensitivity load cells with control module
  • Rotary Encoder - Speed Sensors with pulse outputs
  • Human - Machine - Interface with Auto & Manual modes of operation

Special Features:

  • Accuracy: 0.5 % of the set point
  • Maintained and proven accuracy is 0.4
  • Self Calibrating Feature
  • Additional cover IP 65 to protect Touch panel-HMI
  • Master total and Shift total are displayed
  • A complete override facility to run the machine in Manual mode-(Starter mode is provided)
  • Starters for Main feed Screw Conveyor Control are provided


  1. Feeding Hopper
  2. Weighing Feeder
  3. PLC Automation System: As per IEC 60947 Part 2