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Product - Harmonic Filters

Harmonic Filters

The Harmonic Filters have been specially designed for their use in capacitor banks in installations with a high harmonic content. The reactors must be connected in series to each capacitor for the adequate protection of capacitors and to avoid the resonance effects in the installation.



400 V

On demand           

up to 1000 V

Network frequency

50 Hz

On demand           

60 Hz

Power rating            

In accordance with the table

Other values            

on demand

Value of p %            

7 % (189 Hz) Other values on demand

Type of conductor R

Copper wire (RB: aluminum band)

Tolerance L  

± 5 %

 Linearity (5 % L)  

1.8 In

Isolation voltage            

4 kV

Maximum room temperature  

-10 ºC ... +45 ºC

Internal isolation

Class F (155 ºC) - On demand: class H (180 ºC)

Maximum overload
Permanent                      -    1.17 In
Temporary (1 min)           -    2In

Protection thermostat        -   Opening at 90 ºC
Degree of protection         -   IP 00
Indoor                             -    Installation