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Product - AC Line Filters and Chokes

AC Line Filters and Chokes
Smaller and less expensive
Very easy to install
Dangerous surge currents and noises are reduced to the maximum level
Conforms to IEC international standards
Available in a wide range of standard ratings
Rated impedance 2% to 5% and Non Grain Oriented
Standard quality factor


System voltage 415/220 V 50/60 Hz
Primary and secondary voltages are as per customer requirement
Type of core lamination CRNO and CRGO
Type of winding wire super enameled - F class insulated copper wire
Bobbins FRP/SMC/Red Fiber
High Voltage breakdown 2.5 to 3.5 kV as per standard for 1 minute
Insulation resistance more than 50 M ohms
Regulation at continuous full load 3.5 to 5%


All the control transformer, AC Line filters, reactor chokes are designed and manufactured as per the regulation specified under IEC-61558-2-2 and IEC-742/IEC-529

Increased Thickness of Insulation
Touch Proof Live Terminal Connection
A Minium of 10% of Higher Over Load Capacity
Higher Dielectric Strength Test Voltage and Long Duration With Standing
Varnish Impregnation of Coils By VPI Tank Method (VPI - Vacuum / Pressure Impregnation).